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Booth # 1770
October 13-16 2014
Orlando, FL

ES Manufacturing, Incorporated

We offer the most complete line of tools for composites anywhere in the world. Engineered solutions to composite manufacturing is what we live

& breath every day for the last 40 years. We offer you three generations of dedication and advancement of the composite industry.

We manufacture all size rollers form 1/4 Diameter Mini Rollers up to 18" long Panel Rollers. Every one of these rollers is designed to efficiently remove and build stronger composites.

Tools for Composites

 Laminating Rollers:

Spray Guns:

We manufacture several Sprayers and hand held application guns. They are:

 We have everything from:


Chopper Guns:

For light to medium duty usage:

  • CDA-08 & CGA-08 Hand Held Choppers are air powered and our best chopper yet.

  • These hand held choppers are the industry standard for lightweight, efficient chopping of fiber glass.